#Weekend winner!

What is awesome, gnarly and rad all over? Our Skout community! Thanks to all who shared pictures of your weekend. You guys know how to have fun! We’re jealous. Include us next time?!

Congrats to our #weekend winner Kailee! Enjoy your Skout points, girl!


A different kind of contest will be coming your way on Thursday Skouters. We want you to know how #thankful (hint, hint) we are for your love of Skout, and want to know how Skout has made an impact in your life. Stay tuned!

Skout HQ: Check out our digs!

Ever wonder where the Skout magic goes down? Wonder no more! Super awesome startup real estate resource Custom Spaces profiled the Skout headquarters this week on their site. A few things to know about the Skout space as you browse our digs:

1. Around here, ping pong skills equate bragging rights.

2. Our view is amazing, we know.

3. We don’t ever go hungry, or miss an opportunity to enjoy cold IPA’s together after an intense creative brainstorm.

4. The Skout employees are the heart and soul of the company and give life to our vision, so we chose feature our awesome Skout teammates on our walls.


Learn more about Custom Spaces at www.customspaces.com

In the SKOUTlight: Tuan Nguyen

Every week, we feature one of the smiling faces behind the Skout team. This week, we bring you Tuan. Tuan serves as our in-house data and analytics guru as our marketing analyst. He’s one-part banana (what?) and one-part danger. Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 4.43.07 PM

How long have you been a Skout-er? Skout and I are high school sweethearts. We just celebrated our 1st monthaversary.

Describe a day in the life for you at Skout: I like to start my day off by reading romantic novels at 6:30 in the morning on my Caltrain commute from San Jose to San Francisco. During the day, if I’m not in meetings discussing revenue and user metrics, I’m pulling data so that I can discuss revenue and user metrics. During my breaks, I like to keep up with tech news…so that I can better discuss..revenue…and user metrics…

If you were competing for America’s Got Talent, what would your talent be? Sing country music of course!

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 11.23.37 AMWhat’s was the first CD (or cassette tape) you owned? I bought an empty cassette and made my own mix tape of songs recorded from the radio. I did it before it was cool.

What is one modern convenience you absolutely cannot live without? Clorox wipes.

Any last words? “Perhaps it is good to have a beautiful mind, but an even greater gift is to discover a beautiful heart.” – Nash

In review: FOSI 2013

This week, Skout’s Public Relations Manager Jordan Barnes and Director of Community Gosia Aleta traveled to D.C. to participate in the annual FOSI Conference, held by the Family Online Safety Institute. The conference was packed with the biggest names in the digital space. Representatives from Facebook, Yahoo!, at&t and many more gathered together for two days of fresh and innovative content about how keeping online communities trustworthy and what the future of the space looks like. Our own Jordan Barnes was part of this year’s speaker faculty and sat on a panel with representatives from Facebook, NCMEC, Metaverse Mod Squad and Moshi Monster. The panel explored how each of the companies is remaining at the forefront of innovation in their respective online communities.

Thanks to all who participated and helped to make this year such a wonderful learning experience. Until next year!

Travel Virtually With Skout!

Have you noticed Skouters with a little airplane icon on their picture? Well guess what, they’re traveling courtesy of Skout Travel!


Have you ever wanted to travel to another city without the hassle of actually traveling? With Skout Travel you can! Use your Skout points to purchase a 24-hour ticket to 100’s of cities around the globe and discover what the buzz is about. When you purchase Skout Travel you open your Skout experience to a new city full of Skouters to meet and chat with.

How do you do it you ask? Well, let me tell you. It’s super easy, just click on the airplane icon in the top right of the Meet People Grid. This will take you to the “ticketing area” choose one of our top 10 destinations or search for the city of your choice. You will be instantly whisked off to that city!

Maybe you are planning a vacation to New York and you are wondering what to do when you get there – with Skout Travel you can check out the local buzz, find activities and ask local New York Skouters what they think the best slice of pizza is. Or, maybe you are getting ready to move to a new city – use Skout Travel to scope out the city before you move. Make friends, find a local coffee shop, and check out what is happening all in preparation for your arrival.

When you purchase a Skout Travel ticket your phone will automatically be set to that city. That means your buzz, meet people grid and other features will all be local for the city you have traveled too.  This gives you the ability to really get a feel for the culture and people of any given city. Travel to multiple cities and compare your experiences.  The only question now is what are you waiting for? Happy Skouting!

Skout Fields Ping-Pong Team For SF’s 3rd Annual Ping-Pong Festival


Never before have we seen a day quite like this past Sunday at the 3rd annual San Francisco Ping Pong Festival. As the newly created Skout Ping Pong team arrived at the tournament, the sun was shining, the paddles were flicking and the sound of little plastic balls hitting wood surfaces filled the air. Our boys in white tee-shirts got right down to business going head to head with some of the sports greatest players…well, greatest players in San Francisco, and were definitely a force to be reckoned with.


Skout was a late entry into the tournament but was still able to field a team who played to the best of their abilities. Last week the team followed a grueling  “pong camp” schedule at the office, practicing their serves and returns, spending countless hours working the table tennis auto serve machine and discussing table strategy all to get themselves in shape for the tournament – and that hard work did not disappoint their numerous fans.  On Sunday, the team was ready to flick their wrists against their opponents. Cheered on by the Skout Pong Cheer Squad the team went on to make an admirable showing of the skills they had honed over the past week.


The final score is not what is important, as we know from today’s Little Leagues, there are no losers, only winners, and our boys are definitely all winners in our minds!!



Introducing Search By Username!


You asked, and we listened! You tweeted, and we listened. You emailed, and yes, we listened. Our #1 requested feature, a way to search Skout for your friends is available on Skout with the latest update!

That’s right, you can now search for your friends by using their Skout User ID, find them on Skout and chat away. But first, you have to create your own, unique, Skout ID.

So how do you set your Skout ID you ask? Don’t worry we’ve got the 4-1-1 on setting your Skout ID and finding your friends with theirs.

To set your Skout ID go to the chat window and tap Find Users, Tap Set my Skout ID and type in Skout ID you would like. Keep in mind; they are unique, that means there can only be one JoeSF so choose quick before someone else does.

If you are looking for someone, tap Find Users and type their Skout ID into the search box. It’s that easy!

But wait, you’ve forgotten what your Skout ID is. Never fear we’ve got you covered. In your profile tap Edit and then Info – voila, your Skout ID!

So what are you waiting for? Download the latest Skout Update today, set your unique Skout ID and don’t forget to let your friends know how to find you by sharing your Skout ID on Facebook and Twitter with our handy Promote My Skout feature!


Skout is looking to hire an International Skout Reporter

Are you a Skout member who loves to chat on the app? Do you tell your friends, and well, anyone who will listen, how awesome Skout is? If this sounds like you read on!

Skout is looking to fill a new role, the role of International Skout Reporter. The International Skout Reporter doesn’t just report on the fun they help make the fun!  To be awesome at this gig it would be helpful if you speak more than one language, and you absolutely must be in the know when it comes to all the happenings in your city!  Know where to go when, what the hot spot on Tuesday vs. Friday is, and what’s gonna be the next awesome thing in your city next week, today and tomorrow!

You need to be the person that friends say: “I love to hang out with (insert your name here) because they know all the cool spots.”

It’s also helpful, but not required, that you are a university graduate, a Mac user at home, extremely social, highly interesting, and a natural-born leader–with an amazing sense of humor.

Some awesome add-ons would be a love of beer, or wine and definitely the ability to tell difference between the two in a blind taste test.  A love of cheering at sporting events, getting out of the house for any reason, exercise, and you should be known to take in an occasional play or art opening.

Finally, a knack for telling stories and having at least two in your back pocket that will have everyone laughing or sitting on the edge of their seat, after all, you are not reporting Skout news you are helping make it!

We are looking to fill the position immediately, so if you think you have what it takes, drop us a line (skoutups[at]skout.com) telling us why why being a Skout International Reporter is your dream job (don’t forget to include your resume, or forward this along to a friend who you believe fits the description.

We’re looking forward to meeting you!




New Skout Release – Push to Talk!

Sometimes in today’s world of texting, emailing and chatting I find myself missing the sound of someone’s voice. There are just certain things that get lost when you type them. You know like sarcasm, and irony, or just pure happiness. Sure you can put it in italics or add a lot of exclamation points but it’s not the same as hearing the tone and inflection of a person’s voice.

Here at Skout we thought you might feel the same way, somethings are just better spoken. So today we are super excited to announce our newest feature Push to Talk!

When you’re in a chat with someone and only voice will do, click on the microphone at the bottom right…

Then, just hold your finger on the Hold to Talk button and record away, 10 seconds, 20 seconds up to 30 seconds. Leave a message for someone you’ve been chatting with. When you’re finished and want to go back to typing just click the keyboard and you’re set!

Upgrade Skout today in the Google Play and iTunes stores!