Top 13 Skout Moments in 2013

2013 has been a remarkable year at Skout. We’ve had several HUGE product innovations, twelve #Skoutabout team building events, countless hours of hard work and too many laughs along the way to count. We polled our Skout family to find out their 13 favorite moments as a Skouter in 2013. We’ve said it before and we will say it again, thank you to everyone who has been along for the ride in 2013. See you in 2014!

1. The launch of Skout Travel on iOS and Android. Blog-Travel

2. Nik, one of our fearless co-founders and CTO, becoming an American citizen!

3. Trip to Napa Valley with the entire team to celebrate the launch of Skout Travel.  090D5C88-A26F-4F5A-9F07-A1D96F7EF68D

4. Skout Halloween 2013.


5. Unveiling of Skout 4.0 in early December: the latest and greatest version of Skout. 1-1

6. Skout team building event on a catamaran in the San Francisco Bay. photo-1

7. Re-doing the Skout digs with some seriously awesome branding and signage. 301-Howard-suite-1500-Skout-101

8. Hitting (and now exceeding) daily revenue numbers higher than we ever thought possible.

9. River rafting for another awesome Skout team building event.

10. Our Chilean engineers relocating to Skout HQ in San Francisco for 100% collaboration.

11. Tobias, our longest-running employee behind co-founders Christian and Nik, moving from Sweden to Skout HQ in San Francisco!

12. Launching an entire new User Profile combining the features our users love the most under one umbrella.

13. Toasting to an amazing year at the Skout Holiday party!

Meeting people just got more beautiful.


You spoke, we listened. You asked, we’re delivering. We are thrilled to announce the release of Skout 4.0: the latest and greatest version of Skout for iOS users. You guys, our users, are the heart and soul of this company and give life to our vision, and we’ve designed Skout 4.0 for you.

The enhanced version, available now in the App Store, touts an entire new look and feel. We drew inspiration from what matters most, our dedicated community, and from there a vision was born.

The interface was redesigned to support a bottom bar navigation, letting users explore all features, new and existing, with ease.  We focused heavily on chat, our most interactive feature, allowing for instantaneous user to user chatting and real-time user and chat search.  Users most frequented contacts are now automatically populated and highlighted within the chat feature, allowing for easier searching and connecting, thus enhancing the overall user experience.

Skout on! Download 4.0 here in the App Store.

View the press release here. For all press inquiries, contact Jordan Barnes at


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#Weekend winner!

What is awesome, gnarly and rad all over? Our Skout community! Thanks to all who shared pictures of your weekend. You guys know how to have fun! We’re jealous. Include us next time?!

Congrats to our #weekend winner Kailee! Enjoy your Skout points, girl!


A different kind of contest will be coming your way on Thursday Skouters. We want you to know how #thankful (hint, hint) we are for your love of Skout, and want to know how Skout has made an impact in your life. Stay tuned!

Contest winner alert! #ink

Another winner, another 10,000 FREE Skout points awarded! Congrats to our #ink winner, featured below. Jealous? Want your chance at some serious Skout points? Keep an eye out for our next contest. We love ya’, Skouters!


Skout HQ: Check out our digs!

Ever wonder where the Skout magic goes down? Wonder no more! Super awesome startup real estate resource Custom Spaces profiled the Skout headquarters this week on their site. A few things to know about the Skout space as you browse our digs:

1. Around here, ping pong skills equate bragging rights.

2. Our view is amazing, we know.

3. We don’t ever go hungry, or miss an opportunity to enjoy cold IPA’s together after an intense creative brainstorm.

4. The Skout employees are the heart and soul of the company and give life to our vision, so we chose feature our awesome Skout teammates on our walls.


Learn more about Custom Spaces at

In the SKOUTlight: Tuan Nguyen

Every week, we feature one of the smiling faces behind the Skout team. This week, we bring you Tuan. Tuan serves as our in-house data and analytics guru as our marketing analyst. He’s one-part banana (what?) and one-part danger. Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 4.43.07 PM

How long have you been a Skout-er? Skout and I are high school sweethearts. We just celebrated our 1st monthaversary.

Describe a day in the life for you at Skout: I like to start my day off by reading romantic novels at 6:30 in the morning on my Caltrain commute from San Jose to San Francisco. During the day, if I’m not in meetings discussing revenue and user metrics, I’m pulling data so that I can discuss revenue and user metrics. During my breaks, I like to keep up with tech news…so that I can better discuss..revenue…and user metrics…

If you were competing for America’s Got Talent, what would your talent be? Sing country music of course!

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 11.23.37 AMWhat’s was the first CD (or cassette tape) you owned? I bought an empty cassette and made my own mix tape of songs recorded from the radio. I did it before it was cool.

What is one modern convenience you absolutely cannot live without? Clorox wipes.

Any last words? “Perhaps it is good to have a beautiful mind, but an even greater gift is to discover a beautiful heart.” – Nash

In review: FOSI 2013

This week, Skout’s Public Relations Manager Jordan Barnes and Director of Community Gosia Aleta traveled to D.C. to participate in the annual FOSI Conference, held by the Family Online Safety Institute. The conference was packed with the biggest names in the digital space. Representatives from Facebook, Yahoo!, at&t and many more gathered together for two days of fresh and innovative content about how keeping online communities trustworthy and what the future of the space looks like. Our own Jordan Barnes was part of this year’s speaker faculty and sat on a panel with representatives from Facebook, NCMEC, Metaverse Mod Squad and Moshi Monster. The panel explored how each of the companies is remaining at the forefront of innovation in their respective online communities.

Thanks to all who participated and helped to make this year such a wonderful learning experience. Until next year!

Photo Contest Alert!!

It’s back! Photo contest time. This round, we want to see how our Skouters are getting awesomely spooky and creative this Halloween. Upload a picture of your Halloween costume to Buzz (and share via Twitter and Instagram!!) with the hashtag #SkoutSpooky.

We will chose TWO winners based on the most creative and the spookiest costumes. Bring on the ghouls and goblins, we’re read to get spooked! We will announce the winners over the weekend and give them some love here on the Skout blog along with their 10,000 Skout points!

Ready, set, SPOOK!


We have a #mykicks winner!

Drumroll please…

We have a winner! Thanks to ALL of our awesome Skouters for uploading photos for the #mykicks contest. We received thousands of photos and it was tough to pick a winner. Congratulations to Skouter Caius, you officially have the freshest Skout kicks and now have 10,000 Skout points added to your account! Skout on!


Below you can see some of the other awesome photos we received. Pretty fresh, right? We knew our Skouters had style. Check back soon for another contest. You could be next!

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 1.44.54 PM

Skoutabout on the Bay!

What is red, white and striped all over? Nautical Skouters on a catamaran!

On Friday the Skout family boarded a catamaran in the gorgeous San Francisco Bay for an off-site team building adventure. The team that boats together, stays together! Check below for some pics from our awesome Skoutabout below. Ahoy, mates!

photo 1-2 photo 4photo-1